Japanese School – Fully Furnished Environment

A fully furnished Japanese school suitable for Japanese themed realistic or anime games

by Nimikko

Price History +

A complete environment of a Japanese school with interior and exterior, combining all the previous Japanese School related asset packs. Perfect for realistic or anime type games.

Comes with hundreds of props to create custom classrooms, including classroom signs.

Contains the following areas and rooms:

  • Japanese Classroom
  • Teachers' Lounge
  • School Gym
  • School Cafeteria & Kitchen
  • School Building
  • Computer Classroom
  • Science Classroom
  • Music Classroom
  • Infirmary
  • Restroom
  • Library
  • Hallway and entrance
  • Courtyard
  • Bike parking

The shadow casting has been turned off from many of the rooms for performance out of the box, tune and turn them on according to your own preferences through the light prefabs.

Only URP version of the environment supports decal assets.