kcisa – Korean Traditional Festival

KCISA. This asset contains props from Gimpo-Tongjin_Durenori. There are traditional Korean farming tools and farming-related props.

by Korea Culture Information Service Agency (kcisa)

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In rural areas of Korea, there is a joint work during the farming season. This is called a "dure."

In Gimpo, the region where paddy was first cultivated to produce rice, a staple food in Korea, in connection with this farming joint work

Gimpo Tongjin Durenori, which contains satire and humor, has been reorganized in modern times for the vast Gimpo Plain and the spirit of the ancestors who blends with the nature.

Gimpo Tongjin Durenori is currently designated as Gyeonggi-do Intangible Cultural Property No. 23 in 1998.

The props used in Gimpo Tongjin Durenori are made into 3D asset.

Gimpo Tongjin Durenori is a game that expresses the village community in the agricultural society,

The asset contains traditional Korean farming tools and agricultural-related props.