Korean Presidential Coach

KCISA - This is the Presidential Coach Asset preserved at the Uiwang Railway Museum under Korea Railroad Corporation.

by Korea Culture Information Service Agency (kcisa)

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The Presidential Coach asset is a National Registered Cultural Heritage.

Preserved at the Uiwang Railway Museum under the umbrella of Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail),

Nationally registered cultural property No. 419, The Presidential Coach was 3D scanned and modularized into the presidential bedroom, entourage bedroom, kitchen, and reception room.

It was reformed to exclusively accommodate Korea’s presidents in 1955 and used by presidents from Syngman Rhee to Park Chung-hee.

Inside the coach there are diverse facilities and equipments. The interior is also furnished with extravagant decorations.

It has high symbolical value as an artifact related to former presidents of Korea.

you can find the real heritage at the outdoor exhibition hall of the Uiwang Railway Museum in Korea.