Launcher PARS 3LR With Missile X2

PARS 3 LR is a high precision fire-and-forget weapon system for the engagement of mobile and stationary targets.

by Pukamakara

Price History +

Low poly

Real world scale

Units used: meter

Product includes included:

- Launcher for two missiles

- Missile Pars 3 LR

- The model has trialngular and quadrangular polygons only (3.4% tris and 96.6% quads)

- The model has 100% Scale, placed in 0,0,0 coordinates and doesn't have rotations

- All parts placed in one layer

- All parts are fully UV unwraped. No multi-materials or color fills.

- All parts and materials have logical names and ready for coding. (no names such as Object001 or Default - 01)

- Some identical parts have the same UV coordinates (overlapped). It saves textel resolution and does not influence on Ambient occlusion map (no black spots)

Originally created with 3ds Max 2021. No 3rd party plugins required.

Software used:

- 3ds Max 2021 for modeling

- UV Layout for unwrapping

- Photoshop and Substance Painter for texturing

NOT included with the file:


- Light rig/HDRI

- Photoshop and Substance Painter source files


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