Lollipop Candy Land

Candy and Desserts in UHD 4K resolution + 3D candy map

by ShadowInk Designs

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Don't stare too long at this asset or you might rot your teeth out!

Lollypop Candlyland offers an array of candy and dessert props all in 4K Ultra HD! Also comes with a demo scene suitable for a 3D candy world game.


• 25+ candy/dessert props

• 2K-4K Textures for almost every mesh

• URP support + Shadergraph support

• Prefabs included: Frozen Yogurt, Strawberry shortcake, Icecream Sandwich, Donut, Chocolate wafer bar, Icecream cone, Gingerbread House, Gumdrops, 3 types of Lollipops, Jellybeans

• **Water shader from trailer/screenshots not included (easy enough to choose your own)