Low Poly Modular Pixel Houses Pack 3

Low-Poly Modular Pixel Houses for your project!

by ElvGames

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Low-Poly Modular Pixel Houses Pack 3

Immerse your digital environments in charm and style with our Pixel Perfect Low-Poly Asset Pack. This collection brings together the simplicity of low-poly design and the precision of pixel-perfect textures.

Asset Content:

  • 7 different modular house!
  • 4-6 variations of each house!
  • Houses with doors!
  • Houses without doors!
  • Rooftop separated to create custom houses!
  • 12 Different windows for customization!
  • Pixel Perfect Texture!
  • Objects: 64
  • Vertices: 47.655
  • Edges: 52.098
  • Faces: 12.913
  • Triangles: 32.782

Note: This asset pack textures was made using Rogue Adventure World, the characters on the picture are not included on this asset pack.

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