Low Poly Trophy Pack (PBR)

Low Poly Trophy Pack (PBR)

This package contains individual trophy models with realistic ...

by 4d_Art

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Low Poly Trophy Pack (PBR)

This package contains individual trophy models with realistic, PBR, procedural materials.
The supplied .sbsar procedurally generates gold, silver and bronze versions of each trophy, as well as a colour picker to change the colour of the plastic base.

This Package Contains:
-8x Individual trophie models. Each model is under 1000 tris.
-8x .sbsar files, one for each trophy with custom colour changing parameters.

The .sbsar files contains:
-A Drop down menu for Gold, Silver, Bronze
-A Roughness slider for the chosen metal
-A Colour picker for the plastic color
-A Roughness slider for the plastic

Each asset generates its own:
-Base Colour

The procedural textures can be generated at a resolution of up to 1024x1024.

Please note, for Unity 2018 and higher users, the Procedural Texture Generator requires the Free Substance plugin from the asset store.

If you do not wish to use the Substance Plugin for Unity there is also a great alternative, a free standalone program called Substance Player https://substance3d.adobe.com/documentation/sp31/substance-player-2294742.html
Simply load the model and the .sbsar I have provided and generate your own materials using the customisation options.
There are many texture formats to export too. Then bring your textures into Unity or a program of your choice.
Please contact me if you require any additional help.