Low Poly Western Locations Pack

A Low Poly Western Locations Pack of different sizes and shapes, optimized for any of your projects! The best solution for creating your own projects such as games. Great for learning the engine!

by Palmov Island

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Huge low poly style resource pack of 197 models for creating incredible western environments, each containing only material and satin texture to be flexible and easy to use.

◼ 10 unique western low-poly locations, you can use them to create your own.

◼ Supports builtin renderer and URP.

◼ Universal texture, for every model.

◼ Pieces are designed to be combined with others to create variety and enable your creativity.

◼ Drag and position pieces together to achieve unique and beautiful results for your levels in very little time.

A total of 197 prefabs in the package:

Locations (x10)

10 Collected Low Poly Locations on the Theme of Western Style

Environment (x70)

Barells, Bench, Boards, Bonfires, Bottles, Boxes, Bridge, Bucket, Cauldron, Chairs, Coals, Cup, Drying Fish, Dynamites, Electric Pole, Fenches, Fish, Hitching Post, Jug, Pot, Railways, Roads, Tables, Shovel, Smokes, Tables, Tents, Totems, Water Tanks, Wiiden Arch, Wooden Barrier, Wooden Pendant

Lands (x10)

Lands of different shapes, colors and sizes

Trees (x14)

Firs, Trunks, Pines, Trees

Stones (x23)

Small, Flat, Large Stones

Watters (x3)

Different Types of Water Surface

Mountains (x9)

Canyon Mountains of different shapes, colors and sizes

Plants (x31)

Flowers, Grasses, Plants, Stubs, Cacti, Shrubs

Houses (x14)

Wigwarms, Bank, Church, Doctor Office, General Store, Industrial House, Salon, Railway Station, Sheriffs Office, Western Hotel

Vehicles (x9)

Carts, Freight Wagons, Indian Canoe, Passenger Wagons, Trains

Animals (x4)

Horses of different colors

Additional Information

Package contain 1 universal texture 256px in .png format, so you can change the colors.

The models are between 12 and 4984 verts, total number of all 91077 verts.

The package also contains a guide on how to use it.

No rigging, no animation.


DEMO SCENE included!

On the demoscene, you can see all the assets of this collection.

I also made for you some examples of creating locations (scenes) and settings for them.

If you have any ideas, specific requirements or need help, feel free to contact me on email palmovisland@gmail.com