Male basic 3D motion set

This is a basic motion male animation asset suitable for various scenes. You can try the basic motions for free on another page. By purchasing the full version, you gain access to all animations.

by Viewport

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This asset provides humanoid animations suitable for various scenes. Use the free version to test basic animations. High-quality and diverse animations enhance character expression in games and VR projects.

Animation List (includes descriptions of all animations and free version content):

  • Idle Motion Series: Represents various idle states (01 to 04). "Idle Motion 04" is available in the free version.
  • Battle Idle Motion: Idle pose for combat readiness.
  • Bow: A polite greeting motion.
  • Clapping: Hand movement expressing joy or praise.
  • Damage: Reaction when taking damage.
  • Disappointment: Motion expressing disappointment or dissatisfaction.
  • Victory Pose (01 & 02): Poses celebrating victory or success.
  • Laughing: Expression of joy and fun.
  • Nodding: Gesture of agreement or acknowledgment.
  • Walking & Running: Natural walking and quick running.
  • Sad: Facial expressions and body language showing sadness or dismay.
  • Surprise (01 & 02): Reactions to shock or astonishment.
  • Thinking (01 & 02): Deep in thought or worry expressions.
  • Waving Hand: Gesture for greeting or parting.

Download the free version to try specific animations. Purchase the full version to experience all animations. Using this asset can provide your characters with added realism and a variety of movements.