Mario Style Beach Environment

Mario style beach! Gameplay example, Large level example included, 3D models, Shaders, interactable props, textures, sounds, particle effects and more.

by Eyratrin

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Welcome to Super Capsule Boy on the beach! the asset pack for creating an exciting Mario-Beach style game in Unity!

This complete asset pack contains everything you need to bring your own world of platforming fun and adventure to life.

With a wide variety of content, from 3D models to particle effects and surround sounds, Super Capsule Boy gives you a solid foundation to develop your own game inspired by classic Mario.

Main features of the package:

Game example: Get an instant overview of the pack's capabilities with a ready-to-play gameplay example.

Explore carefully big designed levels that show the potential of the assets and will inspire you to create your own challenges.

3D Models: This pack includes a wide variety of 3D models.

Each model is meticulously created and ready to be implemented into your game, saving you time creating assets from scratch.

Shaders: Give your models a visually stunning look with a collection of high-quality hats. Experiment with different styles and effects to achieve the desired mood in your game.

Interactive Props: Add interactive elements to your levels to make them more challenging and entertaining. These mobile accessories will allow you to create a dynamic gaming experience.

Sounds: Immerse yourself in the action with a collection of retro sound effects and captivating music. Add jumping sounds, coin collecting, explosions and more to enhance the immersion and excitement of your game.

Particle Effects: Add an extra touch of magic to your game with a variety of amazing particle effects. From sparks to fire and smoke, these animated effects will enhance the visual aesthetics and gameplay of your game.

With Super Capsule Boy, the possibilities are endless! Create exciting, challenging and fun-filled worlds, all while immersing you in the nostalgia of classic platformers.

Don't miss the opportunity to streamline your development process with this asset pack and start creating your own Mario-style game in Unity.