Meshtint Free Polygonal Metalon

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by Meshtint Studio

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Hi! We are Meshtint Studio.
We are providing this 3D model for free! You can use it for prototype, testing, to learn about Meshtint Studio's assets, to learn Unity or just create something fun! Get it now!

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Polygonal Series 3D models are in faceted style. Texture size is small and asset textures remain clear when close up. It will be a good addition to other popular faceted style packs in Unity asset store

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Polygonal Metalon

This pack contains 1 creature: Metalon . It 's suitable for different genres of games. For eg, fantasy and sci fi themed game. Textures are available in 3 colors. Low poly. Polycount: 3296 triangles. Rigged and animated. Generic mecanim rig set up. Total 23 animations.

- Idle
- Walk forward in place
- Walk forward with root motion
- Walk backward in place
- Walk backward with root motion
- Strafe right in place
- Strafe right with root motion
- Strafe left in place
- Strafe left with root motion
- Run forward in place
- Run forward with root motion
- Run backward in place
- Run backward with root motion
- Jump in place
- Jump with root motion
- Turn right
- Turn left
- Stab attack
- Smash attack
- Cast Spell
- Defend
- Take damage
- Die

Please see preview images and videos to know more about the content before purchasing.

The demo scenes in the package require the following free assets. Please download and import them into your project.
1) Post Processing Stack v2

3D files are in FBX and texture files are in PSD in the package. Additional fee may be required for other files.

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