Modular Sci-Fi Corridor

Modular Sci-Fi Corridor

Don’t forget to check out the full pack !

by MagixBox

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Modular Sci-Fi Corridor

Don't forget to check out the full pack !

Modular Sci-Fi Corridor Full Pack
Heavy Industry Modular Sci-Fi Corridor

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This package contains multiple modular prefabs to build a corridor environment. Just use snap to grid and vertex to build your scene.

All of the materials are upgradable to The Lightweight Render Pipeline

It's a low-poly model with high quality texture details

In the package

- 24 Modular prefabs

- 2 Starter prefabs

- PBR materials

- Demo Scene to explore

- Simple camera control script

- Post Processing Profile


- 4 Profiles

- 4 Floors

- 2 Boxes

- 1 Wall

- 1 Top Wall / Ceiling

- 2 SideFloors

- 2 Light props