Modular sci-fi enviro

Our 3D asset pack is the perfect tool for game developers and environment designers looking to create futuristic worlds with a unique sci-fi and cyberpunk atmosphere.

by Monaris

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Our modular assets allow you to craft distinctive environments for battle arena-style games, where every detail can be customized to suit your needs.

Inside the pack, you'll find futuristic modular walls, floors, props, and decorative elements that enable you to freely mix and match your environment. What's more, our assets are designed with user creativity in mind – you can easily change the color scheme of objects, making the process of crafting unique worlds both straightforward and satisfying.

Whether you're an experienced game designer or just starting your journey in the world of game development, our 3D asset pack will help you breathe life into your ideas and transport players into a captivating, futuristic realm. Start creating unforgettable adventures in the sci-fi and cyberpunk style today!