Multi-Function Spaceship

Animated spaceship with interior, props, and attachments.

by Cunning Force Games

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Animated spaceship with interior, props, and attachments.

Modular Sci-fi Hangar sold separately.

Does not include a spaceship controller.

Includes an overview scene that shows all prefabs and animations.

Animations include:

Spaceship: Air brakes, cargo door, crew doors, external crew ladder/ramp, wing flaps/spoilers, engine nozzle flaps, panel covers, rotors, engine vertical and horizontal orientation, landing gears, pilot seat, and rudders.

Props/Attachments/Switches: Bed drawers, console table, jumpseat, locker door and drawer, levers, switches, and cannon barrels.

Render Pipelines

Built-in Render Pipeline version has decals as texture files only and does not include a spaceship with decals.

URP Version includes decal textures and materials, a colored decal shader, and a sample spaceship with decals. If decals aren't visible, please enable decals in Renderer Features in your Universal Renderer Data asset.

By default, this asset is built for the Built-in Render Pipeline. If you would like to use the URP version, please open the "MultifunctionSpaceship_URP" file in the URP folder.


  • 3-4 ready-made and customizable spaceships (green, blue, gray, and green with decals for URP version)
  • 120 Prefabs consisting of ready-made spaceships, props, and attachments
  • 28 decals and most have customizable colors (URP version)
  • 51 animations, which can be modified
  • 4K textures
  • Green, gray, and blue textures included for most meshes
  • Most emissive colors can be modified (screens, button colors, lights, engine thrust, etc.)
  • Spaceships, props, attachments, and switches are made up of separate objects instead of skinned meshes to allow for customization
  • Default cockpit buttons/switches are static, but can be removed and replaced with individual buttons and animated switches which are also included, allowing for custom button layouts
  • Includes particle system for engine thrust, and landing and takeoff thrusters
  • Separate interior and exterior meshes for those who may only need one or the other
  • Screens have their own material allowing for custom colors, or making it black and adding your own interactive screens
  • Includes both ladders and ramps for access to crew doors from exterior
  • Cannons can be animated to rotate up/down and left/right