Nightclub – The heart of a Japanese nightlife

Highly detailed nightclub environment with Japanese details

by Nimikko

Price History +

Add a touch of realism to your environment with this highly detailed nightclub environment. The environment is usable in large amount of scenarios ranging from games to animations.

There is a very slight Japanese theming in the form of menu being in Japanese instead of English and bottles being something that is offered in Japanese nightclubs. Other than that, the assets are modular and can be used in language-agnostic scenarios.

The club has 4 unique areas with distinct themes.

  • The main area is a made for general dancing and partying
  • The dimly lit club is meant for techno and other more UG sounds
  • The resort themed place for R&B
  • The lounge for latest house beats

Of course, you can mix and match them as much as possible.

Comes with over 100 unique assets with full modularity to either extend the scene or to build your own nightclubs. In total there are 250 prefabs.