Odds & Ends – Pickups, props and Powerups collection HDRP

More than 430 pickups & powerups variations. More than 40 unique models. various colors and textures. from common items to detailed ones. cute items ,weaponry and gems. all you need is included.

by NoOp Army

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This package contains 42 unique pick-up and power-up models with 434 texture and material variations.

Everything works with all render pipelines and is structured to folders with correct names.

The quality is good enough for PC games but is also usable on mobile. Some items are more detailed than others according to their needs.

All textures are 2048x2048

No matter if you are making an RPG, A survival game or a hyper-casual runner game, We have some items for you. If you are themed fantasy, real, stylized, modern ... anything really we have some items for you.

If you are making a cute, wholesome game with interesting narrative branches or stories, we have some items for you. Do you want cozy models, battle gear, food? You name it, we have it!

The item list includes:

-Back pack:

{Army X2

Default X4}


{Marble X2

Basketball X2

Football X2

Volleyball X2

Metallic X2

Crystal X5}

-Balloon X7

-Barrel X4

-Battery X5

-Bomb X3

-Book 2X7

-Bottle 3X7

-Box 3X2

-Bullet 4X3

-Candy 4X3

{Chocolate Bar X3

Lollipop X3

Stick candy X3

Sweets X3}

-Chicken 2X3

{Chicken X3

Drumstick X3}

-Chocolate X5

-Coin X7

-Crate X3

-Crown X7

-Crystal 4X8

-Dagger X4

-Donut X6

-Dynamites X4

-Flag X5

-Fruit X6

{banana X2





-Giftbox X5

-Globe X5

-Gun X5

-Health pack X5

-Heart 3X14

{default X14

Crystal X14

Ring X14}

-Hourglass X5

-Key 7X3

-Lock X8

-Map 2X5

-Medicine 2X4

-Missile X5

-Oxygen tank X5

-Potion 3X5

-Rainbow X3

-Ring 3X2

-Scroll 2X2

-Shoes X5

-Star 6X8

-Sword X1

-Treasure box X3

-Zodiac signs X11