OWA BG Buildings 01

Aesthetically neutral buildings with good vertices and low draw calls. Fill up a huge city and make vistas of 1,000's of buildings. Awesome for open world games and environments. HDRP / URP / BIRP

by Bohn Studios

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Buildings as far as the eye can see. Create vast cityscapes and run your frames per second at awesome lightning fast speeds.

This collection of “exterior only” buildings has awesome optimization with static batching out of the box. These exterior building props look great in all pipelines! HDRP, URP, or built-in all ready to go!

What’s included:

  • 118 exterior buildings model meshes / prefabs.
  • All buildings share an atlas. Some buildings have an extra glass material
  • Static batching right out of the box. Very awesome performance with draw calls and set-pass calls
  • Good use of vertices and triangles. These buildings are meant to fill out scenes of vast cities so the vertices count is very reasonable for the size and quality of the buildings