OWA Curtains Pack 01: Interior Window Decorations HDRP/URP/BIRP

Add some flair to your buildings and windows with these super fancy window curtains. Works great with the Unity cloth system. HDRP / URP / BIRP

by Bohn Studios

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Contains 3 base curtain models with 7 variations of fabric each. 21 models/prefabs total.

All prefabs are atlased using the same material (OWA Utility Atlas).

Making those windows look good, oh yeah!

Tired of boring old buildings with no flavor? These lovely curtains can make your interior windows look flush and full of style. You could have a regular boring window or you can make it fancy!

Works with Unity Cloth / Interaction System

Tested with the Unity cloth system (of the curtains is pre-set with the cloth system to show a demo of usage). 

Cloth Usage:

If you want your player controller to interact with the cloth example, you will need to drag your player capsule collider into the cloth component under "capsule colliders".

Contains 1 demo scene with the prefabs on demo buildings.

1 material atlas for the curtains is 8192x8192. This can be used as is for desktop or it can be gracefully scaled down to whatever you need. Curtains are about 2,000 vertices each. Static batching out of the box just like you expect from Open World Assets ( OWA ).