OWA Fences & Palisades

A collection of 101 fences, exterior walls, and palisades for decorating your scenes and/or creating barriers for your player to navigate.

by Bohn Studios

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A huge collection of optimized barriers for your game levels and 3D environments. These prefabs are atlased with an albedo, normal, normal detail, metallic, and height map.

OWA Fences look great close-up and far away! Using a single material atlas, you can rest assured they run fast.

Screenshots were taken in the built-in render pipeline with no post processessing. These models actually look good and the textures are awesome detailed. You can expect them to look amazing in any render pipeline. The single material atlas makes it easy to use in any pipeline and the FBX's can be imported easily into any modeling program (they are binary fbx files).

101 models / prefabs included. Vertices range from 240 to 1,200 per game object / mesh prefab.

Visit https://www.bohnstudios.com for more information on the Open World Assets series. Get amazing visual quality and super fast optimization. Bohn Studios makes 3D models that are professionally crafted for real-time 3D aesthetics and performance.