OWA Gazebos & Pavilions Pack 01 – Open World Assets – HDRP/URP/BIRP

High quality, well optimized Gazebos, Pavilions & Shelters. Over a dozen structures that look great far away and up close. Static batching performance right out-of-the-box. HDRP, URP, and BIRP.

by Bohn Studios

Price History +

Good looking gazebo shelters that run like a cheetah.

  • Structures & Outdoor buildings that look great and run fast on all the pipelines
  • Uses default shader for HDRP, URP, & BIRP
  • 16 gazebos / pavilion / shelter prefabs
  • Atlased using only 1 material so static batching works out of the box
  • Nearly unnoticeable number of batches created by these pavilion gazebos
  • Low batches, high fps
  • Tremendous performance advantage over other assets
  • Not recommended for older and lower end mobile
  • Designed specifically for Desktop & Console projects.
  • No LOD's, no popping, no nonsense
  • Just drop them into your project and they are good to go!

Efficient and Beuatiful Game Art

Welcome to Open World Assets by Bohn Studios, the fastest 3D assets in the west! Enjoy smooth fps on large open worlds with hand-crafted, batch saving techniques. All OWA 3D kits for unity come with static batching right out of the box (just make sure it’s enabled the usual Unity way).

Handcrafted precision for game ready 3D environments

It takes alot more time and effort to manually UV 3D models with well thought out atlases, but the performance payoff is tremendous, making your set-pass calls in the dozens for large scenes and 100% prepped for combining to make huge worlds run at blazingly fast speeds.

Note: Trees seen in pictures are part of the OWA Trees Pack 01. You can receive a discount on that package and other 3D Kits by Bohn Studios when you purchase a license of OWA Gazebos & Pavilions Pack 01.