OWA Rocks & Boulders Pack 01 – Open World Nature – HDRP/URP/BIRP

Highly customizable natural stone rocks that look great and run lightning fast! HDRP / URP / BIRP supported.

by Bohn Studios

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Highly adjustable and customizable rocks featuring the ability to adjust the tops for snow, moss or whatever textures you to use; the included shader/materials work with any textures in your collection so these assets are perfect for combining with other kits and can feature endless combinations using the same models/prefabs.

(ON SALE UNTIL APRIL 11, 2024!!!!!)

This asset is also included with this the OWA City Core full city package (GET $100 OFF). If you are looking for a thorough and comprehensive high quality 3D Environment Kit for building enourmous worlds.

Rocks come with HDRP, BIRP, and URP shaders editable with Amplify. Use sliders for easy customization of the materials.

Includes 8 rock shapes that feature countless possibilities for material variations. The world space triplaner shader means that you can drop any texture combination you want onto these rocks and they will display correctly. For example, do you have some awesome snow textures that you want to use? They will work with these rocks and boulders.

This also means that you can resize the shape of these rocks and boulders within the ditor and their materials won't lose their quality! Use alongside whatever prefab placement solution of your choice and randomize however you want because they will still look great!