OWA Towers Pack 01

Includes 11 kits for building towers in your environment. Modular and stackable. URP, BIRP, HDRP

by Bohn Studios

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There are 11 tower building kits total in this package with many possible combinations to build modular.

6 of the kits are stackable larger prefabs for faster workflow construction.

The 5 smaller kits are for more detailed control of your modular towers.

All prefabs use a single material atlas this package is very low weight in texture memory usage. Textures include abledo, normal, metallic, height, and detail normal. The 8192x8192 atlas textures downgrade gracefully to any project size.

  • 30 large stackable prefabs for fast tower creation.
  • 60 smaller tower building components
  • 18 roof prefabs