OWA Window Awnings Pack 01

Contains over 170 unique awning models / prefabs. Uses 2 sets of atlases so you have static batching right out of the box. HDRP / URP / BIRP

by Bohn Studios

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Awnings and Exterior window decorations can do wonders for setting the mood for your theme.

Turn your plain old buildings into magical atmospheres breathing with character. There are lots of window awnings in this huge window decoration package. Use on any building!

Includes over 170 unique window awnings meshes / prefabs. This is a huge kit and can "cover" all of your window decoration needs for an entire city environment. Designed to snap to OWA buildings, but these can also be used quickly on any buildings in your asset collection.

Why Choose Open World Assets?

Batches be gone in the OWA ecoystem. Every asset pack with the "OWA" tag in front of the name is designed to work with one another. These kits are strategically forged to snap perfectly together. Then, because they share custom UV'd atlas materials, you get static batching benefits immediately. Or, get even faster results by using your favorite mesh combining tool.