PBR RPG/FPS Game Assets (Industrial Set v1.0)

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by Dmitrii Kutsenko

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News, support, updates


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This pack for everyone who loves to create FPS or RPG games with PBR textures, and appreciates the quality of content

Features of this pack, very low polygons count, optimized geometry and high resolution textures (4k)

All prefabs have the correct orientation
Position/rotation - Set to 0
Scale of all prefabs - Set to 1

Oil Tank v1 4592 tris (3 texture variations)
Container v1 5844 tris (4 texture variations)
See the Screenshots and videos for more details :)
1 Showcase scene

not include:
Player hands
FPS Controller
Any sounds

If you have any wishes and suggestions, please write a review, for improve the quality of content.

Use and Enjoy :)