poly police station

polygonal police station in Eastern Europe


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the asset includes everything shown in the last four screenshots

The police station includes the following assets


police station


Screen, cabinet (x2), banner, glued sheet (x2), target, blinds, stand, administrative sign, mailbox, window bars, coffee table, TV, radiator, row of chairs, wheel (x2), notice board, sign police, sofa, surveillance camera, street flag, crime board, flag on clothespins, awards, cardboard box, bat, calendar, diploma, wanted, wanted board, fence, ammunition cabinet, chair, table, pistol stand, pistol stand guns, bomb, portrait (x2), lamp, protest board, police barricade, computer, glass (x2), decanter, stamp, scales, table flag, Molotov cocktail, visit list, coffee, telephone, constitution (x2), folder with case, table lamp, street sign, evidence, charge plate, folder, magnifying glass, scale tape, mark, camera, ID card, note sheets, body camera, walkie-talkie, cartridge case, cartridge (x2), pepper spray, holster for spray, pistol holster, machine gun magazine, machine gun, pistol, shotgun, first aid kit, water flask, handcuffs, gas mask, shockproof helmet, baseball cap, shield, baton, balaclava, cap, beret


police officer


patrol car, special forces vehicle, police passenger bus