POLY STYLE – Cartoon Town Pack

Use our Cartoon Town package to build your custom town environment. This pack contains buildings, vehicles, plants, props and modular terrain to help you create stunning cartoon town scenes!

by Batata Studio

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The Cartoon Town Pack is a great choice for creating your own custom urban environment. Contains 48+ models that can be used in a scene just by dragging and dropping.

The asset's 3D model has been optimized to improve operational efficiency.

Suitable for different types of projects: games, animation, AR, VR, XR and etc.

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Key Features

  • -Supports Built-in + URP render pipelines
  • -Support Day&Night
  • -Low-poly model
  • -Efficient and easy modules usage
  • -Include demo map
  • -Modular


  • Buildings (x15)
  • ModularTerrain (x15)
  • Props (x13)
  • Vehicles (x5)

Asset Story

This environment assets adopts new modeling rules to facilitate users to create a variety of scenarios that can be used with a variety of different styles of models.

About Us

Since joining the Asset Store in 2017, we have been dedicated to creating efficient 3D assets.

It's all because of your fully support during these years that we can grow up rapidly,also our studio has been able to continue creating more assets.

When these 3D assets appear in your project, it will be our pleasure :-D

Finally, sincerely appreciate each user who purchased the asset.What's more,hopefully it will speed up your production process and reduce your investment.