Polygon Characters_Undead

Low polygon undead resource pack, including skeletons, ghosts, zombies and other characters. Powerful opponent monsters for your fantasy games

by Linesources Studio

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Characters (x9)

Character_Skeleton Soldier,Character_Skeleton_Archer,Character_Skeleton_Warrior,Character_Skeleton_Mage,Character_Skeleton_Lord,Character_Zombie,Character_Giant Zombie,Character_Ghost_Thug,Character_Ghost_Wailing Banshee

(Multiple replacement colors)

Weapons (x9)

Weapon_Arrow,Weapon_Broken buckler,Weapon_Broken Knife,Weapon_Broken one-handed ax,Weapon_Broken Scepter,Weapon_Staff,Weapon_Tower Shield,Weapon_Wood Bow,Weapon_Wooden Stick

This pack contains 9 character , 9 Weapon

The texture size is (1024 x 1024) and the file format is PNG,It is using 1 diffuse texture map.

Number of diffuse texture map(Including color change):6

Number of Metallic Map: 1

Material is using Unity's URP/Lit shader.

♦Includes 4 replaceable eye color shaders and replaceable skeleton soldier left arm model♦

Low poly, Polycount:

9 character

Character_Skeleton Soldier:4962 triangles

Character_Skeleton_Archer:6162 triangles

Character_Skeleton_Warrior:6520 triangles

Character_Skeleton_Mage:6511 triangles

Character_Skeleton_Lord:6958 triangles

Character_Zombie:4849 triangles

Character_Giant Zombie:4856 triangles

Character_Ghost_Thug:4098 triangles

Character_Ghost_Wailing Banshee:5018 triangles

9 Weapon

Weapon_Arrow:102 triangles

Weapon_Broken buckler:130 triangles

Weapon_Broken Knife:136 triangles

Weapon_Broken one-handed ax:178 triangles

Weapon_Broken Scepter:530 triangles

Weapon_Staff:248 triangles

Weapon_Tower Shield:424 triangles

Weapon_Wood Bow:420 triangles

Weapon_Wooden Stick: 132 triangles



-Characters are setup to work with Mecanim-

The character poses in the promotional images are for reference only.

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