Props LowPoly Pack

Props LowPoly Pack: 10 lowpoly models of various types of items and objects. Include: wooden plank, crate, chest, box, wooden cage, wicker basket, wooden bucket, close and open burlap bags and barrel.

by ResilientLogic

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Explore the 'Props LowPoly Pack,' a curated collection of 10 diverse 3D models featuring wooden crate, chest, barrel, wooden cage, plank, closed and open burlap sacks, wooden bucket with deactivable content, wicker basket, and more. Immerse yourself in a world of detail and efficiency as each model boasts high-quality design with a low polygon count. Perfect for game developement, with this pack delivers top-notch visuals without compromising performance. Enhance your scenes with these versatile props, optimized for seamless integration across various projects. From rustic charm to functional essentials, the 'Props LowPoly Pack' provides a range of options for creating captivating environments with precision and style.