QMS – Fantasy Sword Pack

Fantastic 3D Swords for Game Developers. Elevate your project with 15 meticulously crafted, fantasy swords, each boasting exceptional visual quality.

by Quantum Mana Studio

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Unleash a Realm of Possibility with the QMS - Fantasy Sword Pack!

Equip your characters with a diverse arsenal of blades, perfectly suited for both realistic and semi-realistic environments. This essential pack empowers fantasy game developers to bring their creations to life.

Ideal For:

• Fantasy RPGs: Equip your heroes with a range of awe-inspiring weapons for epic adventures.

• Action Games: Fuel the action with a variety of blades for dynamic combat encounters.

• Adventure Games: Immerse players in your world with visually striking weaponry.


• Extensive Sword Collection: 15 unique fantasy swords to bolster your project's weapon variety.

• Stunning Visuals: High-resolution PBR textures (2048x2048) deliver exceptional detail for immersive experiences.

• Texture variations: Two texture variations per sword (pristine & damaged) provide customization options.

• Performance Optimization: Triangle counts (1,500 - 3,000) ensure smooth performance across various systems.

• Simplified Workflow: Prefabs organized for swift incorporation into your scenes.

• Example Scene: Explore the full range of swords within the included example scene.

• Ever-Expanding Content: Receive new swords with future pack updates, ensuring a growing arsenal.

• Unity Compatibility: Optimized for Unity 2021.3 and above.