Quick Primitives

Quick Primitives allows creating various geometic shapes procedurally.

by Chorocksoft

★★★★ star rating
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Quick Primitives is a collection of basic geometric shapes that give more flexibility than the default shapes available in Unity. The shapes are generated procedurally by codes; no fixed models are used. The shapes can be procedurally changed by setting their parameter values in the inspector interactively.

In addition, object position can be moved by the offset, effectively changing pivot point. UV texture coordinates and colliders can be generated automatically.



• UV mapping
• Normal generation
• Collider generation
• Offset position (pivot)
• Hollowed box and cylinder
• Beveled box edges
• Slice in sphere, cylinder, and torus
• Full source code in c#


• Box
• Cylinder
• Sphere including hemisphere and icosphere
• Cone (through cylinder)
• Torus
• Pyramid
• Column
• Plane
• Circle
• Section or beam
• Stair
• Grid

* This asset requires one license per seat.