Retro Style Japanese Street

We proudly present our first retro style pack based on Japanese residential streets. This pack allows you to very quickly create retro style games in a residential setting with our modular meshes.


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This pack contains many buildings, interiors, roads, props, global weather textures, texture variations, a flare, a scattering fog with particle system set up, a rigged character. The PSX Shader Kit and the SplineMesh tool mentioned in the dependencies are not neccasary but could help to elevate the scene.

The character included is rigged to the Unreal Skeleton. The character does not come with any custom animations.

To help speed up development our pack comes with pre-built prefabs of buildings and other props. This pack also comes with a shader that allows vertex-painted ambient occlusion. Our materials are using this shader by default, once you downloaded our pack you will need to install Shader Graph in Package Manager to see the correct materials. (A document is included in our pack for detailed instructions.)

This pack uses vertex lighting when using the PSX Shader Kit. It also works well with realtime lighting and baked lighting if you convert the materials to the standard shader or the shader we made. The meshes in this pack are designed to work well with vertex lighting.

An example scene and an asset zoo that showcases the meshes are included in the pack.

If you have compatibility suggestions, please email us at .