Sci-Fi Space Stations Creator

&#9989Build an infinite number of space stations! Multiple colors to choose from.

by Ebal Studios

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A must-have for sci-fi game developers or sci-fi artists! You can easily pick any of the available space stations, modify them, pick your color or 🔥DESIGN YOUR VERY OWN UNIQUE SPACE STATION TODAY!

A huge set of original modular space station parts and combinations examples.


-65 Modules carefully designed and tested to achieve maximum variety and modularity.

-Rings, turrets, docks, hangars, capsules, tubes, antentas, frames, connectors, cockpits and bridges, etc.. All you need to build your space stations.

-4 Different module and material sets (Cylinderical, Bridge, Hangars and Storage).

-Accurate primitive colliders.


-60 Pre-prepared space station examples.

-Modular examples are created with nested prefab modules to easily enable editing and changes.

-Baked mesh examples are provided as well (i.e. single mesh examples instead of examples made out of modules)

🌠Textures and Materials:

-Handpainted textures.

-8 Color variations.

-4K albedo, metallic/smoothness, normal and emission maps.

-Highly efficcient and performant texture resolution through the use of modules and overlapping uvs. Achieve relatively high resolutions at minimal cost.

✓Texture colors masks along with pre-prepared PSD file included to enable easy modification of textures such as changing color, logos or weathering.

🌠3D Models:

-Triangle count per space station is between (2K -50K) depending on the number of modules used.

-Modules have been expertly 3D modeled to achieve highest resolution with minimum number of triangles.

🌠Bonus Content Included:

-Arcade Space Stations

-Space Objects

-Space Debris


To test the art style and workflow of this collection, please download our free spaceship sample.

This set matches our Ultimate Spaceships Creator and is a great addition to it. These space stations along with the Spaceships Creator could probably be all you need to build your successful sci-fi game!

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