SciFi Engineer’s Room Environment

Explore the modular SciFi Engineer's Room with 73 unique meshes.


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Explore the SciFi Engineer's Room with 73 unique meshes. The environment is fully modular and well optimized for Game Ready Projects. You can easily enlarge your Sci-Fi Environment with Modular Assets.

Sci-Fi Engineer's Room Story : Once there was a scientist-engineer who dearly missed his family. On his desk, he kept a hologram of his daughter, and on his bed sat a cyborg bear, a reminder of her. He also had a robot named RobbyCube on his shelf, his daughter's favorite cartoon character. Throughout his space, there were small signs that reminded him of his family, keeping their memory close.

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🎨 Versatile Textures: Unleash your imagination with a diverse range of textures that breathe life into your environments. From sleek metallic surfaces to glowing sci-fi panels, each texture is meticulously crafted to provide the perfect ambiance for your space adventures.

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Pack supports HDRP, URP and BUILTIN!!! To open URP, drag the .unitypackage file (Settings>URP) into an empty URP project within the Art>Scenes folder. To open BUILTIN, drag the .unitypackage file (Settings>BUILTIN) into an empty BUILTIN project within the Art>Scenes folder.