Seasonal Stylized Pine Tree Set

Elevate your game's scenery with our Seasonal Stylized Pine Tree set, featuring enchanting aesthetics and a plethora of vibrant color combinations. Meticulously crafted for optimal performance.

by Lyrebird Studio

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Introducing Seasonal Stylized Pine Tree set, a perfect blend of aesthetic appeal and gaming efficiency. These meticulously crafted trees bring a touch of nature to your virtual landscapes with a whimsical twist. Designed for seamless integration into games, each tree combines detailed textures with optimized performance.

This pack contains of 7 different meshes and numerous set up Prefasb with colour variations which let you easily get started with creating your forest of colourful stylize pine trees.

Optimized for URP

Created with Unity Version 2023.2.6f1

Compatible with Unity Version 2021.3.34f1 +

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