Sidekick Motion product -“Dodge Movement”

For Character Creator and Cartoon Animator

by sidekick animation studio

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Dive into the world of evasion with our Dodge Movement Motion Pack, a collection of 60 dynamic movements that cover a spectrum of dodging scenarios.

This comprehensive pack is meticulously categorized, offering a variety of dodging actions including those in combat, comically exaggerated dodges, dodges while in motion, short-distance dodges, and standard dodging maneuvers.

These dodging actions are designed to convey a multitude of scenarios, from crouching due to something falling behind, moving backward as a vehicle passes in front, reacting to a jumping mouse below, to sidestepping someone passing from the left or right. Each motion is performed by professional actors and captured through Mocap technology, ensuring authenticity and fluidity.

Every dodging action seamlessly returns to the idle stance, facilitating easy integration and combination for extended sequences. This feature allows for fluid transitions between dodging actions, enhancing the overall coherence of your animations.

The diverse range of dodging actions caters to various creative needs, making this pack an essential asset for animators and game developers.

Dive into the world of evasion with the Dodging Actions Motion Pack, where each motion is a carefully crafted expression of agility and strategy, ready to enhance the dynamism and realism of your animations or games!