SimpliCity Sandy Beach

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  SimpliCity San ...

by noirfx

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4K resolution screenshots

  SimpliCity Sandy Beach is a pack of different props, vehicles and structures to create island, beach or seaside location for your city.
  This asset pack contains more than 100 prefabs:
air ballons, beach balls, rubber rings, umbrellas, blankets, deckchairs, boats, beach bar, sailing ships and jetskis, vans with luggage, clam shells and starfish, cocktails and drinks, diving stuff, lighthouse, lifeguard booth, pier, radio and stereo, suitcases, surfboards, water mattress and more.
  All models share 4 textures and materials, texture atlases are 1024x1024, contains reflectionspecular map.
  Assets are low poly so you can freely use them for mobile devices.

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  There will be more extra content so keep checking.