Space Station

The top selling Space Station pack is now updated with Unity 2017.2 support. With 120+ prefabs, it allows you to setup your ...

by Many-Worlds

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The top selling Space Station pack is now updated with Unity 2017.2 support. With 120+ prefabs, it allows you to setup your own Space Station. It also includes a fully functional Space Station demo scene with a first person camera ready to be used.

Mobile Friendly

All the included assets are low-poly and assets have been succesfully tested on mobile devices (although for big space stations, you may need to use memory management and occlusion culling).

IMPORTANT: All versions prior to 2017.2 are now deprecated and no longer will be supported. This means that new props and rooms are not included in previous versions of the asset.


- Added Unity 2017.2 support (previous versions will no longer be updated).
- Added a new room (Descompression chamber).
- Added a new "+" shaped connector.
- Removed Standard Assets' Image Effects.
- Added Post Processing stack profile file (used in the v1.4 images and video).


Added three new props:

- A fuel pump prop with custom particle system.
- A new animated door.
- A surveillance camera with two degrees of freedom and LookatTarget working scripts.
Added some custom shaders for the new props.
- The demo scene was changed to be first person instead of third person.
- Removed some harmless warnings in shaders import.


A lot of improvements and fixes have been accomplished (take a look at the 1.2 version description for a complete list). Main of them are some meshes fixing, collider repositioning and material setup to allow customization.

Also, added new connectors, a new room (bedroom) and new doors frame that will improve player movement.

Special thanks to Nicholas Willcox for his patience and invaluable feedback.


The package has been updated to new Unity5 features such as new standard materials or new lighting system. Scene has been also updated with dynamic lighting and real time reflection probes.


(and growing)

[Building creation assets]
- 2 Floor
- 5 Gates
- 2 Walls
- 20 Corridor
- 8 Endings
- 8 Tunnels
- 4 Big Rooms

[Decoration &Moving Props]
- 4 Functional Doors
- 2 Lights
- Energy Ball
- Galaxy
- 5 Planks
- 2 Boxes
- 2 Sci-fi capsule
- 2 Holograms
- 8 Pipes
- 17 Monitors
- 2 Turbines
- 2 Misc
- Surveillance camera that follows the player
- Fuel pump with custom particle system

Custom Shaders

Included Custom Shaders and optimized for the Space Station Package:

- Bumped Detail
- Bumped Detail Fresnel
- Bumped Detail Rim Ambient Occlusion
- Bumped Rim Emussive
- Bumped Rim Reflective
- Parallax Detail
- Parallax Detail Rim Ambient Occlusion
- Transparent Bumped Rim Reflection
- Transparent Bumped Rim Reflection Cutout
- Alpha Clip Rim 2 Sided
- Simple Alpha
- Alpha Clip Rim
- Simple Transmissive
- Bumped Rim Specular
- Flag Creator Shader
- Additive Emissive Particle
- Additive 2-Sided
- Fake IBL shader
- Transparent reflection
- 2 Hologram
- DX11 Displace

Demo Scene

Demo scene (as seen in the video-demo) available inside the package.


In order to have the demo scene correctly lightened, the "Auto" checkbox must be ticked in the Window->Lightning->Other settings section. It might take a while until finished. Progress will be displayed in a blue progress bar at the bottom right part of the editor screen.

Some of the Standard assets have been included in order to offer character and camera setup in the demo scene. Please note that they might cause some conflicts if they are already included in your projects. We strongly recommend you to import the asset in a fresh project in order to test de demo scene and avoid to import them once you are ready to set-up your own space station.