Spline Cable Kit Vol.01

This is a pack for someone who wants to add some more detail to their scenes or games.


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This pack contains a variety of cables, plugs and a cable tray kit. All cables used in combination with the SplineMesh tool included allow you to bend them however you like.

The cables were made with the intention of seamless tiling between them, while also having caps on each end. You can use the additive plug meshes to add a different style to the end of a cable too.

There are also some pre-simulated cables you could use as ground scatter. These are included as a time saver if you don't wish to fiddle around with the spline system. They're just ready to go!

An introduction for the SplineMesh tool is included. This tool is developed by Meth and also available in the Asset Store. If you want to support Meth for developing this amazing tool, please click here!