Stars Symphony – Procedural Cosmic Sky Generator

Lightweight yet powerful Starry Skies procedural generator with quick setup!

by StrategyToJoy

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This asset provides you with the opportunities to generate a material with starry skies quickly and easy!

Just create a material using shader from this asset and assign this material to the provided C# script. Then just tick a box to generate as many starry skies as you want. All starry skies are procedurally generated, but you also have an option to create a specific starry sky you want.

Advantages of this Asset:

  • Create stunning starry skies;
  • Customize starry skies to be dynamic (animated), static, or a combination of both;
  • Can be used as normal material in the case it will need to be applied to some 3D object apart from the sky sphere;
  • Generate an unlimited number of unique starry skies;
  • Seamlessly transition between different cosmic skies generated by this Asset;
  • Combine with other sky materials using transparency and blending shader options;
  • Offers a wide range of options to create unique and visually appealing skies;  
  • Efficient use of project space as the starry sky material is generated dynamically without relying on textures for starry sky generation;