This asset include 3 models assets:

Steampunk characters set
Village location set
Steampunk towers set

Steampunk characters set

Demo(Window and WebGL builds)

Model set have 3 humanoid models (Warrior, Scout, Goliath) and a mechanic dragon with attached effects.
- Warrior
- Scout
- Goliath
- Mechanic dragon

A set of weapons is attached to the golem models:
- Sword
- Lance
- Hammer
- Musket
- Shield
- Bomb

The skeleton is adapted to the standard animations as much as possible. This asset have color customization by replacing the mask color with the corresponding gradient color. This asset have 3 mask textures for each golem and 6 color gradients.

Village location set

Demo Windows build

Model set include 8 buildings models, and additional components. For each building there are 2 variants for holes (for set doors and windows) implementation: shader transparent and mesh shape. Shader variant supports flexible customization. Each model have 3 LODs.

- 2x dwelling house
- elder village house
- windmill (animated)
- sawmill (animated)
- forge (animated)
- storage
- mining camp (animated)

Little components:
- trolley
- cart
- 3x trees
- 3x stones
- stone fence
- wood palisade
- 3x doors
- 6x windows
- column
- log
- board
- scythe
- rake
- steam machine
- smokestack
- barrel
- 2x lanterns

Steampunk towers set

Demo WebGL and Windows build

20 animated models of steampunk towers:
- 5 upgrades models musketeers tower
- 5 upgrades models buckshot "dragon" tower
- 5 upgrades models mortar tower
- 5 upgrades models zipper tower

4к - 25к verts
3к - 19к tris

Full asset map.