Stomach Anatomy

High-Quality 3D model of the Human Stomach, with 4K textures and separate parts. Perfect for medicine sector, medical video games, simulations and presentations.

by BigBenDev

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Take your medical projects to a new level of precision and realism with this 3D stomach model.

3D Model creation based on the renowned Grant's Atlas of Anatomy and endorsed by the experience of professional medical tutors. This 3D model offers an exceptional level of detail, 4K textures, and separate parts for an in-depth exploration of the stomach anatomy.

Key features:

  • Unmatched anatomical accuracy: Nomenclature and components according to Grant's Atlas of Anatomy, verified by medical tutors with clinical surgery experience.
  • Unrivaled versatility: Ideal for presentations, 3D simulations, and medical video games, providing a complete experience adaptable to different needs.
  • Immersive realism: 4K textures and meticulous details for an immersive visual experience that facilitates the understanding of anatomy.
  • Flexibility for everyone: Model optimized to work on any device, allowing unrestricted access.
  • Modularity for deep study: Separate pieces that allow an individualized study of the anatomy, facilitating learning and research.


  • Guaranteed clinical accuracy: The participation of medical tutors ensures the anatomical accuracy of the model, providing confidence in its use for medical projects.
  • Improves understanding and learning: The accuracy and detail of the model facilitate the understanding of the stomach anatomy by students and professionals.
  • Creates interactive and engaging experiences: The versatility of the model allows the creation of interactive and engaging experiences for different audiences.
  • Saves time and resources: Using the 3D model saves time and resources in creating high-quality medical content.

Free medical EXR Skybox Included thanks to Oliksiy Yakovlyev from Poly Haven