Stylized Rocks FREE Sample

This is a sample of my paid bigger asset -> ...

by Meanwhile On The Moon

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This is a sample of my paid bigger asset -> Stylized Rocks Pack

In this FREE sample you will get:

  1. 3 Hand-Sculpted Rocks: sculpted and baked into low poly models in PBR Unity standard.
  2. Bottom Finished: Each mesh is closed from the bottom. This additional surface will rock your project by giving you additional option to build rocky paths, magical bridges or levitating / floating islands.
  3. LOD (Level of Detail): Enjoy optimized performance with LOD models. Each rock has 3 meshes for different LOD's.
  4. Multiple Texture Variations: Explore different colors variations available, allowing you to achieve the desired stylized look for your project.
  5. Custom Colliders: Save time and effort with custom colliders already set up for each rock.

Ideal for:

  • Environmental artists
  • Game developers
  • VR/AR experiences
  • Stylized projects