Stylized Warrior 04 – Heroes Fantasy Characters Medieval Heroes – #40

Embark on a thrilling odyssey through the enigmatic territories of Norse mythology with our latest addition to the Medieval Fantasy Characters collection - introducing the Stylized Warrior 04

by ExistenceStudios

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Attached video (Wear ear protection!) (Unity Demonstration / Switch RP on URP, HDRP, Rigs)


  • Ready to play System!
  • Skin Variations (2 skin variation)
  • Custom animation (x20)
  • Module system (16 modules)
  • PBR material, 4k Textures
  • This product is compatible with the Built-in Render Pipeline, Universal Render Pipeline (URP) and HDRP
  • Fully rigged (project with attached rigs files 3DsMax, Maya, Cinema 4D in source folder) -contact with us to issue rigs

Technical Info:

  • Polycount: 31 491 Tris | 16 075 Points
  • Version Unity - 2019, 2021.3.18f1 and higher support
  • Video&Photo preview render make in another software - DISCLAIMER: background and other content except for the model is not included in the asset

Control Settings (Unity 2019 and higher):

  • W, A, S, D - Move
  • Shift - Speed
  • Space - Jump
  • I - Change Pose to Aggressive
  • LBC - Attack

AnimationsPack consists of custom 20 animations:

  • attack_inplace (x3)
  • idle_inplace (x3)
  • jump_inplace (x8)
  • run_inplace (x2)
  • walk_inplace (x2)
  • axe_equip/unequip (x2)


Meet Stylized Warrior 04, your essential 3D Character Model for Legendary Expeditions! This low-poly, rigged 3D character model is your gateway to unexplored adventures, reviving the stories of Norse settlers and the resonant echoes of ancient Viking wars. Armed with a formidable axe and a sword, this warrior is sculpted for valor. His stylized, intricate armor and weapons distinguish him as a symbol of might, primed to confront any barbarian enemy or fearsome monster that challenges him.

Dive into a realm where each corner narrates an epic awaiting discovery. Stylized Warrior 04, with his robust, muscular build, serves as a perfect canvas for your creativity, ideal for portraying the essence of medieval heroes. Enrich your project with the spirit of Norse combat and captivate your audience with sagas of bravery and war.

For creators of games, animations, or immersive virtual experiences, our male humanoid character stands as a paragon of adaptability. He is more than just a fighter; he's a swordsman with the heart of a paladin and the agility of an assassin. Equipped with his legendary weapons, he surpasses the usual confines of battle and strategy games. From RTS adventures to immersive quests and beyond, Stylized Warrior 04 is your ally in forging experiences that resonate with a saga of heroism and fantasy.

Seize the opportunity to possess Stylized Warrior 04 and watch as your tales of fantasy unfold with newfound depth and excitement. Enhance your storytelling, games, and animations with a character model that's not merely observed but experienced. Prepare for battle, summon your inner barbarian, and let this new legend lead you to triumph in your next creative endeavor!

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