Survival LowPoly Tools and Props Pack

11 essential models for crafting immersive survival games

by ResilientLogic

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Introducing the "Survival LowPoly Tools and Props Pack," a comprehensive assortment of 11 meticulously crafted 3D models designed to immerse you in the art of survival. Navigate the wilderness with essentials like the Storm Lamp, Hatchet, and Spade, crafted with precision and optimized for efficiency. Equip yourself with the versatile Bushcraft Knife and Canteen for sustenance on the go, while the Stove ensures warmth and nourishment in harsh conditions. Stay prepared with the Ferrocerium Rod and Compass, essential tools for fire starting and navigation. Safety is paramount with the inclusion of the First Aid Kit, while the Slingshot offers protection and hunting capabilities. Each model is expertly textured to showcase the rugged beauty of survival gear, providing a realistic and immersive experience. Whether you're developing a game, animation, or educational content, the "Survival LowPoly Tools and Props Pack" equips you with the essentials for crafting captivating wilderness scenes. Embrace the challenge of survival with this versatile pack, where functionality meets aesthetic appeal.