Thick Phat Grass

The Thickest Grass You’ve Ever Seen

The grass in this asset is thicker than any other you’ve p ...

by Bohn Studios

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The Thickest Grass You’ve Ever Seen

The grass in this asset is thicker than any other you’ve probably seen. It’s a “static” non-terrain grass that runs WAY FASTER than conventional methodologies. It fill large areas with one static mesh. It doesn’t blow in the wind. It doesn’t do anything fancy, but you can have 10x more of it.

  • Comes with static batching out of the box.
  • Luscious Vegetation
  • Runs WAY FASTER than just about any other Vegetation.
  • No LOD popping that breaks immersion.
  • Custom shader that is lightweight and HDRP, URP, and BIRP compatible.
  • An enormouse selection and variety that can handle an entire open world game in one package.
  • Grass so thick when you look directly down in first-person, you can’t see the floor
  • Perfect Grass for open world games and full immersion
  • Your users will comment how they've never seen grass so densely filled in a video game

Awesome Frame-rates & Low Batches

Like the Rest of the OWA series - Open World Assets by Bohn Studios.

  • Atlased for Performance and Disk Space Budgeting
  • Neutral art style with an emphasis on quantity of very fast vegetation. Meant for your use with mesh terrains.
  • Adjust the art style easily on a single abledo texture in your graphics program of choice.

You can have short and thick grass like it was just cut by a lawn mower or tall thick grass like you've never seen before!.

A lovely assortment of stuff that grows from the ground presented in a modular format of prefabs game objects ready to drop into your scenes. A good selection of value plants and flowers. Part of the Open World Assets series. Atlased for performance and low batches.

Use Thick Phat GRASS prefabs with mesh terrain workflows!

That means there is no LOD or terrain system support. That’s not what these are built for!

Thick Phat Grass is best used with other forms of culling and/or deactivting game objects.

Works great with static batching right out of the box! A solution for experience open world creators who use things like per-layer culling, static batching, and/or runtime mesh combining. Intermediate and advanced open world creators will benefit the most from how this nature pack is built.

No Annoying Visual Popping - Smooth transitions in-and-out for the player

It has fading in-out adjustable in the shader clipping mask. The higher the clipping rate, the sooner, faster the vegetation will fade out. For best results, you will want to adjust your camera culling distance on your vegetation layer.

Recommended Use Scenarios

It is recommended that you create a layer specifically for “Vegetation”. This will allow you to do a number of things, including culling the vegetation from the camera at a distance after it fades out (adjustiable in the shader as described above).

Highly Optimized static vegetation that is not meant for "wind"

Both short grass and vegetation in deeply wooded areas don’t get as much wind as a huge open field so there is no extra wind attributes on these models and shaders. You can also use these for large areas of short grass, where it's so short, most wind wouldn't be real noticeable anyways. It's a trade-off for a massive performance gain over more complicated vegetation shaders and tools.

This package is unlike the others. It basically “cheats” when it comes to thickness of vegetation and and optimization overheads / bottlenecks. It does use a decent amount of vertices, so your distance might be a little more limited on lower end devices.

Are you tired of the Unity terrain system running slow? Thinking about getting away from it and moving to an all mesh based approach?

If you said yes to any of those questions, then OWA Vegetation is just the solution for you!

That grass is so fine, it don’t even make sense!