This package contains idle motion data for 3D characters

This package contains idle motion data for 3D characters, optimized to replicate a model's natural standing pose, offering smooth animation.

by Satoru Izumi

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File Contents


Animation (Idle)

Model (DummyModel)


How to Use

Please import the unity package data file into your Unity project. Adjust the animation parameters as necessary.

Terms of Use

Commercial Use: This idle motion data is permitted for commercial projects. It can be freely used in games, video productions, and other media.

Redistribution Prohibited: Redistribution, sale, or sublicensing of this data is prohibited. Please direct others who need the asset to purchase directly from the Unity Asset Store.

Copyright Information: This idle motion data was produced by [creator's name]. All copyrights belong to [creator's name].

Asset Credit in Works: Credit is not required but appreciated if given.


If you have questions or need support for the product, please contact (

Version Information

Version 1.0

Release Date: [2024/04/03]

"This asset has been tested in Unity 2021.3.23f1 and confirmed to work in that version."