Low poly character for your game

by black_dolphin

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Render Marmoset

Low-poly modular model of the character Troll

Suitable for games of different genre: RPG, strategy,etc.


The video preview scene is not included in the project.


  • Changing color skin, eyes, mouth,things.
  • Glowing eyes
  • 17 Face Blend Shapes (opening the mouth, tongue curves, closing one and the other eye, eye rotation,angry face)
  • Low Poly


  • Faces 10029
  • Vertices 9729
  • Tris 19272


  • Faces 1283
  • Vertices 1319
  • Tris 2482

5 sets of textures :

  • Body (4096x4096)(Albedo,Metallic,Normal,AO)
  • Head (4096x4096)(Albedo,Metallic,Normal,AO)
  • Mouth (2048x2048)(Albedo,Metallic,Normal,AO)
  • Eye (2048x2028)(Albedo,Metallic,Normal,AO,Emissive)
  • Things (4096x4096)(Albedo,Metallic,Normal,AO)

Asset contains 50 animations.

All the animations in the video.

The skeleton has additional bones : joint_mount, joint_mount1, joint_language, joint_language1, joint_language2, joint_language3, joint_Cudgel, joint_Cudgel1.

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