UMA 2 – Unity Multipurpose Avatar

This is a complete character customization system that combines meshes and textures for the fastest rendering possible. It's a full character and outfit system for RPG and other similar games.

by UMA Steering Group

★★★★ star rating
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The Unity Multipurpose Avatar (UMA) system lets you create customizable characters. Whether you need a hero, a villain, or an entire village of NPCs this package is for you!

UMA includes all of the code necessary to build a huge variety of unique characters at runtime from simple recipes. By merging the meshes, textures and bones of a character and its equipment UMA builds efficient customizable characters with a minimum number of draw calls. The included Human meshes can be used as is with some of the stunning clothing assets available on the Asset Store or you can create brand new creatures specific to your game and use UMA to customize those as well.

Highlights UMA avatars are now visible at edit time, and can be modified directly in the editor. Duplicate them. Create Prefabs. It all just works! New - Conversion to Prefab functionality. Now you can convert an UMA to a regular Mesh Prefab. Keeps the animator etc. Significantly faster UMA builds in built applications More than 4 bone weights per vertex Better usage of texture atlas using new fit methods Transform (scale and rotate) overlays in recipes Backup/Restore of global library Wildcard slots! Overlay Transformations! Numerous bug fixes!

This is a massive new release with too many features to list here. Please review the Whats New file in the UMA folder for more information.

Development of the original UMA 1 Package was sponsored by Unity Technologies and released under the open source MIT license. UMA continues to be upgraded and improved as a wholly community driven effort.

Example images may include some of the many third party UMA compatible packages from the Asset Store.

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