Urban City Pack – Low Poly

Welcome to your virtual urban playground!

by Contour Creative Arts

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A dynamic 3D asset pack tailored for game developers and enthusiasts alike, designed to bring your virtual towns and cities to life. With a collection of 268 meticulously crafted prefabs, this versatile pack will help you build a vibrant small city for your game.

This pack includes:

  • Buildings: 18 different modular building types (82 prefabs)
  • Props & Enviro: 166 prefabs
  • Vehicles: 5 prefabs
  • Ground Tiles: 15 prefabs

Compatibility: Built with Unity's Universal Render Pipeline (URP) in mind, this pack ensures optimal performance without compromising on visual quality. Plus, with its low-poly and compact design, you can create expansive an urban landscape without worrying about performance issues.