Voxel Universe – City Pack

Find 279 ready to use assets in this amazing Voxel City Pack! That’s less than $0.03 USD per asset! Grab this ...

by Poly Unit

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Find 279 ready to use assets in this amazing Voxel City Pack! That's less than $0.03 USD per asset! Grab this pack now =D

Have you ever dreamed of building your own city for your game but you just lack the modeling skills? Are you an indie developer or studio who lacks of time to build your own assets? You just need an amazing pack with every asset you need for that incredible game changer scene you imagined last night?

Say no more, here is the Voxel Universe - City Pack made by Poly Unit!! Every asset you ever imagined for a city scene is here (or at least we tried to make all the possible assets for you to have enough tings to add =P). With a voxel art style and only 1 (Yes only one!!!) texture for all the game objects included, this is a no brainer!! What are you expecting to have this awesomeness??? =D

Seriously, we really made a lot of assets that we could imagine for a city scene and we included them in a single package. To be specific, you'll find 279 prefabs ready for you to be used! They are divided in the following categories:

- Bridges (9 prefabs)
- Buildings (40 prefabs)
- City Props (60 prefabs)
- Clouds and Rocks (16 prefabs)
- Roads (39 modular prefabs)
- Sports Courts (15 prefabs)
- Trees (48 prefabs)
- Vehicles (52 prefabs)

We know that just seeing a grid with all the objects aligned is not enough for you to take a purchase decision so we made a city scene (included in this package) were you can see how we imagine an amazing scene with the models included in here.

Do you need more assets to make you buy this package? Did we miss to create some specific item you need? Don't worry, just contact us and we'll make our best effort to create the asset for you and include it in the next update! We plan to make continuos improvements to this pack so that in every update you can have more and more items to play with!

In the attached images you'll find the Sketchfab models with everything included in here. We hope you like Voxel Universe - City Pack as much as we do creating this lovely asset